The Sylo Protocol
This paper presents a decentralised,
peer-to-peer communication protocol upon which powerful decentralised applications can be built.
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Network Incentivisation
This paper presents a secure, scalable, incentivised peer-to-peer network which fairly rewards producers for the services they offer.
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These documents contain general publicity and reference materials in respect of the Sylo Network, Sylo Protocol, Sylo Platforms, and SYLO Token, and is not intended to, and does not constitute any representation or warranty. Statements in this document (including but not limited to any product claim in respect of any product whether provided by a third party or otherwise) may not necessarily have been adequately or independently verified or supported by research, and you are required to exercise your own due diligence and judgment in relation to such statements, none of which should be construed or deemed to create any right, expectation, entitlement or be construed as imposing any duty, liability or obligation of any kind.

In some jurisdictions, the availability to users of any applications or functionalities in the Sylo products, if developed as described in this document (or with variations as may be), may be regulated by applicable law and regulation, and hence not all such services, features or products, if developed as described in this document (or with variations as may be), may be made available to users in a particular jurisdiction, or, if made available, may be subject to additional modifications, requirements, limitations, restrictions, terms or other conditions.
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